Together on the counterattack

Letter to Governor Newsom: Let Them H2O

California’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy was not designed for sports. Athletics were jammed into the model as an afterthought. As a result, the entire Fall season was lost due to the delay. Even as other states with similar COVID rates opened sports, California remained closed. All sports risks were mischaracterized. Most sports were banned.

The misguided categorization sparked a groundswell at the grassroots. With no one advocating for the athletes, Let Them Play California launched, joined by a group of determined football coaches in January. Let Them Play is broadly advocating for all sports. They are backed by football-specific data.

Now the water polo ranks are forming. This letter was the fastest way to ensure water polo was considered alongside any sports policy changes in Sacramento.

Athlete Petition to First Partner Jennifer Newsom (Petition Link – thanks for your consideration!)

Youth water polo athletes invite anyone in the water polo community, but especially athletes themselves, to sign the petition to Mrs. Newsom. She is a former elite soccer player and has better perspective than the health officials who see no upside in sport, and no obligation to the hundreds of thousands of youth athletes in California. (petition link)

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